Buying Home Insurance?

Make Sure Your Valuables Are Covered

Not all homeowners policies are the same. Understanding the limitations can help you find coverage that protects your valuable assets. Our mission is simple.We’re here to provide professional advise.

Double Check Your Insurance Policy!

Valuables Insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurer. The policy includes the limits of how much you will be compensated when certain valuable items are damaged or stolen. At Complete Insurance Agency we ensure to carefully review your policy to determine whether you have insurance that meets your needs. If you have questions, contact your insurance agent.

Get Your Valuables Appraised

You may have possessions that are worth more than you think, may be difficult to determine without professional assistance. We help you decide whether you need additional coverage. An appraisal can help you determine if your homeowners insurance policy covers the full value of your property, as some items may not be covered. Some items, such as collectibles or jewelry increase in value and may be necessary to have your valuables reappraised periodically.

Safeguard Your Valuables

In our increasingly high-tech world, people use their electronic equipment to perform their jobs and maintain social connections. In recent years, many new gadgets and devices have been developed that may enhance our lives. If you keep high-end computers and other electronics in your home, you may want to make sure your homeowners policy will cover their loss.


Where to keep your valuables Q&A.

Q: How valuable are your items?

A: We recommend you to keep not replaceable or very valuable, such as expensive jewelry or special documents,  in a bank safe. If they are not as valuable or can be easily replaced, you can keep it  in-home safe.

Q: Do you need this items often?

A: If you only use items, such as fine jewelry, on special occasions, a bank safe may work well, but if you use them nearly every day or at least once a week, a bank safe would be inconvenient and a good in-home safe may be a better idea.

Q: Will you be away from home for an extended period of time?

A: If you’re planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, be sure to put all of your valuables in a bank safe. If you’re gone for a weekend or a couple days, you probably don’t need to go to that length, and an in-home safe will work fine.

Why you need an appraisal for your collectibles 

You’ll probably want to protect your collectibles ,  but first you may need to know how much they’re worth.  Keep in mind that most homeowner’s policies will provide limited coverage for valuables. To fully protect your collectibles, you may need a separate Valuables policy.

If you’re looking to sell your valuables, you’ll need to know how much to charge, and potential buyers will probably want to know the process by which the item’s value was determined. A professional appraisal is the way to go.

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