Condominium Unitowners Protection:

Also known as HO6 or Walls-in policy. This policy will protect the interior of a condo unit you own, even if its’s occupied by your tenant.  You as the unit owner are responsible for protecting from the drywall in of your property. Condo association policies only cover structure of the building and common areas.

 On your Condo Owner’s policy, you can cover your Additions and Alterations (floors, finished walls, cabinets and other fixtures), Personal Property, Loss of Use, Loss Assessment and Liability.

Some of the discounts available are roof construction, construction type of building, Impact Resistant windows and approved shutters, sprinkler system inside of unit and fire alarm.

 Policies that help protect your personal property and the interior of your unitIt’s easy to get a quote for a condominium insurance policy that will provide these coverages.

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